Beef Terroir – It’s More Than Taste!

Beef Terroir – It’s More Than Taste!

Love the Taste Difference! That’s our invitation. It’s more than just the taste of our grass fed beef however – it’s what this taste reflects about the product. The terroir if you like – the set of environmental conditions in which the animals are raised that give the beef its unique characteristics – a term often used for wine.

Somewhat irrelevant to homogenous environments like feedlots and greenhouses, yet relevant to grass fed meats and beef, as the soil, pasture types and brush they graze on influences the final product.

Diversity of pastures

In our case, the diversity of pasture species available to our animals provides many different phytochemicals to the animals, which in turn add to the complexity of the flavour of our consciously raised beef.

Soil Biology

Farming with nature and encouraging the biology in the soil means things like soil fungi can access micronutrients from the soil that are otherwise less available to the plant. These micronutrients are then present in pasture plants and in turn in beef from the animals that have grazed upon these pastures.

What we love however, is that this diversity of plants and phytochemicals from the pastures and biologically healthy soils are giving more to our beef than just richness of flavour.

The phytochemicals and micronutrients are like nature’s medicines for the animals, the benefits of which then flow on to those choosing to consume such carefully raised beef. (Learn more)

We love that the taste makes our beef fulfilling and enjoyable to eat – we do get a lot of wonderful feedback from you, our customers, saying that you love the taste of our beef and even (and often) from something as simple as our mince! What we also love is that the taste is reflecting the health of our product for reasons stated above.

Know that Derek and I do our very best in caring for our soils, giving the animals access to a diversity of pasture plants and shrubs, choosing not to use chemicals in our production and ensuring our cows are always grass fed – feeding on grasses, forbes and pastures as well browsing on trees and shrubs. We produce this way for the wider benefits to the landscapes and water cycles, for the benefit of the health of our cows and for the health of our product – our grass fed beef.

We couldn’t do it any other way – as it wouldn’t fit with our values and we wouldn’t create a product we would want to eat ourselves.

If you feel the same way and would like to have one of our Grass Fed Beef Hampers delivered to you this month, you can see and order our different hamper options here.

There’s plenty more to read about how we produce on the farm, the health of grass fed beef and how to cook for the best nourishment.