Bespoke Hand-Made Signs

Bespoke Hand-Made Signs

We believe in products that are authentic and a hand-made bespoke sign is another example of quality from our farm that reflects the care, love and time taken to create something truly beautiful. Our grass fed beef customers know what we’re talking about, they’re constantly telling us how much they love the taste difference. Our signs are no different, making a statement with character, while embracing the raw earthiness of the natural elements of the landscape. We know you will love your sign as much as we love creating it.

Signs perfectly suited for rural properties, city homes or even estate entrances alike, that will look stunning mounted on rock, sandstone, brick, timber or even a contrasting steel. A perfect gift for someone – you know they will love it! See more about ordering here.



The steel sheet can be prepared to varying levels of polish, highlighting only the edges, or provide a more polished look overall. The lettering is drawn and cut by hand, giving an edge with texture. Nothing computer generated or machine cut here. There are no stencil lines to the middle of characters with closed loops, such as in the centre of an O, they’re all joined individually by hand. To finish, we use several coats of penetrating oil that dries and hardens to preserve the look for many years to come.

If you prefer a hand-made street number to add that bit of extra character to your home or garden fence, then we make those too. These can be made to be offset from the wall or mounted flush and we’ll work with you to decide what will be best for your unique situation. Remember, these are bespoke signs and we take time to talk to our customers!



If a sign just isn’t enough and you would really like to make the entrance to your property something that you love every time you drive in, or even walk in if you live in the city, then we can create that experience for you too. Combining the rawness and warmth of natural basalt rock found right here on our farm, with the straight lines and cool feel of steel, pure and uncovered provides a kind of industrial chic feel. Just a few extra logistics required, that’s all! Call Derek on 0429 674 474 to discuss your requirements and those logistics, or contact us here.




If you would like something hand-made and truly bespoke welcoming you and your guests at your front gate, whether that is your city home or your large country farm then speak to us, we will have a solution for you.


p.s. If you’re a details person, you can read more about how our family created a beautiful new front entrance and sign for our farm here.