Our Grass Fed Beef Hampers Delivery & FAQ

Grass Fed Beef Hampers Delivery & FAQ

What areas do we deliver to?

The area we service is most of NSW & the ACT, as well as south-eastern Qld & Victoria.

This includes Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra, Brisbane & the Gold Coast, Melbourne & regional Vic.

Our grass fed beef is also delivered to customers in regional centres like Tamworth, Narrabri, Moree, Orange, Dubbo, Bathurst, Wollongong & the South Coast, the Monaro, Central Coast, Mid-North Coast, North Coast & Northern Rivers etc. and many of the small towns in between including our beautiful little home town of Quirindi in NSW!

We deliver to S.E. Qld, NSW Northern Rivers, Melbourne & regional Victoria when we receive enough orders to send on an overnight truck, so there may be a few weeks or even a month or more of eager anticipation for your delicious grass fed beef! If you place an order from one of these areas, we’ll let you know the expected delivery period before invoicing you.

See below to check if there is a delivery charge for your area

If you’re unsure, just give Derek a call, email or SMS and he will happily confirm delivery for you.

How does Ordering and Delivery work?

We are a family owned farm (not a factory farm & definitely not a supermarket!) and we have our artisan grass fed beef hampers processed and packed usually once a month, sometimes twice. You can order at any time… it could be delivered the next week if available, or it may be a few weeks of eager anticipation until your hamper arrives, it just depends when your order is placed in the cycle. When you order, we will be in touch to let you know the expected delivery date. This will give you a bit of time to clean the freezer out!

Our hampers are delivered to you by a network of refrigerated couriers…(well, the trucks are refrigerated, not the drivers!), so your hamper needs to be received by someone and not left out, because we don’t want it feeding the neighbour’s dog!

Will my Hamper be delivered chilled or frozen?

For the NSW and ACT metro areas, including Newcastle, Central Coast and down to the Illawarra, we arrange for your hampers to be delivered chilled.

For some delivery areas, we arrange for it to be delivered frozen, just because there can be some extra time in transit to you (see list of areas below). We will discuss that with you first, however your grass fed beef will be just as enjoyable after it has been frozen, as it is before freezing. Hampers with additional offal included will require freezing (see Bones & Offal for more details).

Areas that we deliver your hampers frozen

  • North West NSW (including Tamworth)
  • Central West NSW (west of the Blue Mountains)
  • Southern Tablelands and South West Slopes
  • NSW Mid-North & North Coasts (north of Newcastle)
  • Brisbane and S.E. Qld
  • Melbourne and regional Victoria

Will my Hamper be delivered to my home?

If you live in the large metro cities, we can have your hamper delivered to your home or work, but we need to know that someone flexible with time will be there to receive it. If the couriers have to return the next day, they will charge us for it, and that is no fun for anyone, because we will need to charge you for that and that cost varies depending upon where you live.

Alternatively, just like our country deliveries, we can find a nearby business with a cool room (think fruit & veg shops or even your local pub) that are happy to receive it on your behalf.

Is my hamper delivery free?

Many hampers include free delivery to you, for much of NSW, Canberra (ACT), Brisbane (S.E. Queensland), and Melbourne metro area.

For some areas and some hampers, we do pass on part of the cost of freight.

There will be a $20 charge for our two small hampers, the Nourish Hamper & Classic Steak Hamper delivered to…

  • Brisbane & S.E. Queensland
  • NSW Northern Rivers
  • NSW North West (incl. Tamworth)
  • Melbourne metro

Large hampers such as the Premium Steak Hamper, Wholesome Hamper, Family Hamper, Double Nourish Hamper or Large Orders to those areas are free to deliver!

There will be a $20 charge for all hampers delivered to areas that require extra freight, such as…

  • NSW South coast (south of Wollongong)
  • NSW Central West (west of Blue Mountains)
  • NSW Southern Tablelands & South West (plus $10 per box)
  • Regional Victoria (plus $10 per box)
  • Toowoomba in QLD (plus $10 per box)

There will be a $40 charge for all hampers delivered to…

  • NSW mid-north coast (north of Newcastle)
  • NSW Coff’s Coast
  • NSW far-north coast  (as far as Byron Bay)

There will be a $20 charge for each box (some hampers are two or more boxes) delivered to the NSW far-west. Sorry! That’s currently our only option.

If you are not home to receive your hamper and there are not clear instructions left out for the courier, they will have to return another day and they will charge us for it, and that is no fun for anyone, because we will need to charge you for that (which varies depending on your location).

If this is a bit tricky and you’re unsure, just give Derek a call, email or SMS and he will happily confirm if delivery will be free for you.

How are Hamper prices calculated?

Prices are based on the hamper volume – weights are a guide, but we try to get them as close to the indicative weight as possible. Each hamper is priced at a flat rate for all of the contents, these rates vary between hampers. Click through to the detail of our hampers to see prices.

How do I pay for my Hamper?

After you place your order, we will email an invoice out to you prior to delivery. You can pay via internet banking, direct deposit or pay by credit card online (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). There will be a link on your invoice to make secure card payments through our safe payment gateway, eWAY. We do pass on the surcharge for card payments.

Our bank account details will be on the invoice for deposits if you prefer that, and that attracts no fee from us.

How is our grass fed beef packed?

You’ll receive your order portioned and vacuum sealed – no leaks, no mess, no fuss – ready to pop straight in the freezer!

Each pack is clearly labelled – with the cut, the weight and the fresh & frozen best before dates.

Your hamper is delivered to you in a sealed recyclable cardboard box.

Do we provide any Paleo options?

All of our normal cuts are suitable for paleo diets. For paleo eaters that are completely grain free – you can choose to have paleo sausages in your hamper, which contain no flour at all, just some garlic, salt & pepper, herbs and of course grass fed beef. Otherwise, our usual yummy sausages contain rice flour, which is gluten free.

Just make note in the comment box when you place your order that you would like paleo sausages.

Is our grass fed beef preservative free?

All of our grass fed beef is preservative free…and delicious!

Are our Sausages gluten free & preservative free?

Like the rest of our grass fed beef, our very popular sausages are preservative free and gluten free. They are made with a rice flour based meal.

Our grass fed beef sausages are made medium sized, however for orders of Family Hampers or larger, we can provide thick if you prefer… Just make note in the comment box when you place your order that you would like thick sausages.

There are 9 sausages in each individual package. If you would like more, please make note in the comment box when you place your order.

Why 9, you might ask? Well, have you seen sausages hanging, twisted and tied in a string? Those strings are in groups of three, hence 9 sausages in each pack!

What are the ingredients in the non-paleo sausages?

Grass fed beef, rice flour, salt, mineral salt (451 – see Fedup), spice extract and spice (paprika), collagen (casings).

If you prefer, we can provide natural intestine casings that have been washed in a saline solution. These are an extra $2/kg for the sausages.

Do we provide grass fed beef bones for stock and broth?

You can also choose to have extra grass fed beef bones in your hamper when available – something we know many conscious eaters look for to make bone broth, beef stock or to add to a slow cooked meal for extra goodness. The bones are all a collagen rich mixture of marrow bones, joint bones and hip bones, providing plenty of nourishment.

Bones are cut and vacuum sealed, just like your cuts of grass fed beef. We recommend freezing your bones when you receive them… if you’re not using them straight away!

Just make note in the comment box when you place your order that you would like bones included – or speak to Derek.

Grass fed beef bones are $5.00 per kilogram (2kg minimum), in addition to the value of your hamper.

Do we provide grass fed beef offal?

We do offer offal when available as an addition to your hampers.

The offal we can provide includes:

  • oxtail (whole tail – jointed & usually 1kg+/-)
  • liver (1kg portions)
  • heart (whole)
  • kidney (whole)
  • beef cheeks (whole – weight varies & availability definitely varies)
  • tongue (whole)

It’s first in best dressed for these – as we’re sure you can understand that there’s only a certain quantity per animal – no two tailed cows around here!

Organ meats are $10/kg, tails and beef cheeks are $15/kg in addition to the value of your hamper.

Offal will be delivered to you frozen in a separate box to your hamper. There will be a freight charge of $20 for this, however if you don’t mind receiving your whole hamper frozen, we can simply keep it all together and  there will be no extra freight charge (unless you are in one of our areas that does incur a freight charge anyway).

Just make note in the comment box when you place your order that you would like offal included, and which type – or speak to Derek.

What is offal?

It’s the internal organs of the animal.

Are we halal certified?

We are not halal certified, nor is the abattoir where our animals are processed. We are only interested in providing education and nourishment to our customers, regardless of their religion or beliefs.

Are we certified Grass Fed?

All of our cows and their calves (so all of our animals) are 100% grass fed and finished. Well, actually they are pasture fed, because our grasses have heaps of other plants in there with them, adding to the diversity which is better for the animals and better for us. You can read more about this here.

Our animals do not have any grain in their diet.

Certification of grass fed is good, however it does not guarantee that the animals have been grazing on diverse pastures. Animals grazing on single species forage crops count as grass fed, which is fine, but we’re aiming for something better here with more diversity, so our beef is not certified grass fed. We are more than happy to show you around our farm to explain exactly what we do and why we do it… but be warned, you may just find yourself challenging many of the foods you have been eating!

We are proud of our product knowing it is as good as it can be for the animals and for us and we’re always happy to discuss this with you.

Are we certified organic? 

We produce our grass fed beef free of chemicals, however our farm is not certified organic. We have not treated our cows or their calves with any pesticides like drench for worms or lice in several years, nor have we sprayed our pastures with herbicides for that same duration. We keep our cows healthy by the way we manage them and their pastures and by nurturing diversity on our farm. This allows things like dung beetles to thrive here, which help take care of some of those health problems. All Conscious Farmer grass fed beef is free of hormones, antibiotics and genetically modified organisms (GMO’s).

We understand that organic certification will be important for some people, and we don’t offer that, but we do believe in transparency in what we do and we’re happy to share, so if you would like to chat about any of this, or even come and see what we do, then please do get in touch

If Organic certification would mean the difference to you purchasing our grass fed beef or not, please lets us know, because if we receive enough feedback then that is something we may consider.

 “Hmm… I see a there’s a pattern developing here with The Conscious Farmer and certification by external organisations!”

Seriously though, if you would like to see any of this, we welcome you to our farm.

A few tips about storing your grass fed beef…

Freezing is best to optimise the shelf life and freshness of your beef – especially things like mince and sausages that have been exposed to more air and of course are preservative free. (Except those cuts that you will be eating soon).

If you order one of our larger hampers (20kg or more), then it will be best to pack what you would like to have frozen in your freezer, then take it out again a day later and repack it. This is especially important for the large 40kg+ hampers in chest type freezers. Why? Well because as it all settles, it packs in together under its own weight and if it freezes through in that state, it can be very hard to extract each individual package from your freezer. By repacking it when it is partially frozen, it doesn’t fit so closely together and is easily removed when frozen. Be aware that this does also increase the volume of space required.

Sounds complicated, but its not really!

What to expect when you receive a hamper…

Sometimes the leaner cuts (like topside) can discolour in the bag and lose a little more liquid into the bag than other cuts. These leaner cuts come from the hind quarter of the animal, where there is a great deal of muscle use and therefore blood flow (and hence oxygen requirement). It gets a bit scientific, however basically there is a myoglobin molecule that is responsible for carrying the oxygen around in the blood and there is more of this myoglobin in the high use, leaner muscle cuts, as they require more oxygen. Oxygen is also the thing that (when attached to the myoglobin) gives the beef it’s red colour. When we vacuum pack our beef and remove the oxygen, the leaner cuts that have more of this myoglobin can discolour slightly and sometimes quite a bit.

If this happens, simply open the bag and set the beef on a plate in the fridge and the colour will return once it is exposed to oxygen for a while. While ever it has lost some blood, it will lose some colour. These cuts are perfectly fine to eat.

We’d rather it this way than using tricks like pumping oxygen, carbon-dioxide, or even carbon-monoxide (yes, we’re serious!!) and other inert gases into the bag with the beef to artificially keep it looking pink for extended periods in the packaging (up to months!)

You may also notice a slight odour as soon as you open the bag, this is normal for vacuum sealed beef and will disappear very soon after.

We only use refrigerated transport licensed by the NSW Food Authority, so while occasionally the boxes are bounced around a little, rest assured that your beef has been kept under the right conditions while in their care.

Have we missed anything?

If there is anything that you would still like to know that we have not covered here, or you would just like a little more detail, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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