Chemical Free Grass Fed Beef

Nourish your family with chemical free, grass fed beef

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Our passion is giving your family (and our family) the very best nutrition so…

Our cows only ever graze on our clean, natural grass pastures on our farm.

We make certain our beautiful grass fed beef contains:

  • NO GMO’s (genetically modified organisms).
  • NO antibiotics
  • NO hormone growth promotants
  • NO chemicals or pesticides
  • NO grain
  • NO gluten
  • NO preservatives

Just healthy, clean and nutrient-rich goodness. And of course our beef tastes amazing too.

Why is Chemical Free Better?

Apart from the obvious benefit that if you choose chemical free beef you’re avoiding the risks of ingesting these nasties… there are also other benefits you might not know about.

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If you apply lots of chemical fertilisers to land the result is that things like nitrogen and phosphorous are highly available to the plant.

The plant then becomes a little lazy and it stops supporting the soil microbiology with plant sugars from the roots… because it doesn’t need the help of the microbes to gain access to these main nutrients anymore.

Eventually the microbes in the soil die off – declining in numbers and diversity and the clever give and take relationship of nature is broken.

This means that some of the micro-nutrients you (and our cows) need in smaller amounts, like zinc, molybdenum or selenium then might not be available to the plant.

So the food is then less nourishing.

Also, because the plants such as single species crops are less robust they can often need fungicides and pesticides – which can further affect the soil microbiology… and things go from bad to worse.

At The Conscious Farmer, we know that all plants have their purpose and we try not to focus on any weed species, but rather focus on growing more healthy grass for our cows to eat! This means we’re not spraying chemicals across our pastures. So our cows have the best opportunity to an adequate supply of nutrients, both macro and trace, giving them good immunity, robust health, fertility and longevity.

This is great for the well-being of our cows and, in turn, great for you… because our grass fed beef is quite simply, very very good for you.

Our farm is not certified organic, but we believe in transparency in what we do and we’re happy to share, so if you would like to chat about any of this, or even come and see what we do, then just get in touch here.

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Working with Nature

We believe working with nature is the ONLY way to achieve the nutrient density we require in our food.

Our beef hampers give you a variety of ways to try our grass fed beef for yourself.

It’s 100% grass fed and grass finished on diverse pastures.

And we know you’ll love the taste difference!

Order your hamper online today