Larder Stores

Larder Stores

Stores for your Larder from the Liverpool Plains and surrounding regions

A hamper of nourishing food stores grown and produced by family owned businesses from our Liverpool Plains region and surrounds. All ready to fill your Larder. Our Larder Stores will be available monthly and contents will vary seasonally.  In a few months’ time there will be organically grown potatoes and onions, pumpkins in summer, the most wonderful medjool dates from Narrabri in Autumn and who knows what else I will find!  For our first round of Larder Stores, here is what is included:



Hive-specific fresh Honey from Rose Cottage Naturals near Inverell. Bees feed from the myriad of flowers and herbs in Pauline and John’s pesticide-free gardens and orchards.  Produced and harvested with the utmost care for the bees.  Pure, raw, unblended and delicious.  1 x 500g jar.



Carthian Hill Garlic – grown right here on the Liverpool Plains by Jim and Maddy Adams. Elephant garlic, a large cloved variety that stores better this late into the season than the more familiar purple garlic. The juiciest of all the garlic, it has a milder flavour and the grower’s favourite to cook with. Free from insecticides, fungicides, sprout inhibitors and bleaching agents. 1 x satchel 25 cloves.



Premium white sustainable flour, milled by the Wholegrain Milling Company at Gunnedah on the Liverpool Plains. Flour from their Sustainable range – wheat grains gathered from growers that practice chemical free techniques and who support soil improvement, use natural inputs and promote long term sustainability of the environment.
2kg bag premium white flour.


Cloudy Pear and Apple Juice

Cloudy Pear and Apple Juice from Greenhill Orchard near Uralla. 7th generation orchardists Brownyn and Warren grow their fruit while minimising the application of synthetic products, focusing on soil health and choosing things like pheromones for pest control.  1 litre Cloudy Unfiltered Pear & Apple Juice.



Salustiana Oranges grown on the Liverpool Plains by Gunnible Citrus near Gunnedah. These are beautiful sweet, juicy oranges – non-waxed, pesticide free.  2 kg oranges  (approx. 9 oranges).


Berry Jam

Princess Pantry’s Le Vie En Rose Crimson Berry Jam must surely be a staple in any house. Cathy’s handmade jam marries rosewater with crimson berries for a jam that couldn’t be more perfect.  100% natural, preservative & gluten free and contains no thickeners or commercial pectin. Made on the Liverpool Plains. 1 x 330g jar.


Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil from Derek’s brother’s grove, Zephyr Ridge, in the Hunter Valley, packaged with our branding. We look forward to having our own olive oil back next year, but in the mean-time, bringing your produce from our kin must surely be the next best thing!  1 x 1 litre tin.


Larder Store Hamper – $100, plus $10 delivery.  Delivery next Thursday.

Local deliveries to Tamworth and Quirindi  – I’ll be in touch re. timing of delivery.


Add Panacea Winter Moisturiser

A beautiful luxurious face moisturiser made with herbs from the garden of Pauline at Rose Cottage Naturals. It’s not a foodstuff for your larder, but all the ingredients in it could be consumed, (which is why I love it so much), so I’ve popped it here as an optional extra to the Hamper. Soothing mucilage of mallow leaves, organic oats, prostanthera leaves, ginger root and calendula flower steeped olive oils, organic cocoa butter and Vitamin A and E, with essential oils of Australian Balm Mint Bush and honey Myrtle.

Comments from the maker – ‘Once a product enters the body by absorption, as all product touching the skin will to some extent, it should work with the body’s processes, not remain on or under the skin, inert and in clumps. An old, seen-it-all cosmetic surgeon told me that the globs of creams he found stuck under the skin were extraordinary, all contributing to the outer skin’s exclusion from inner circulatory nourishment and hence actually contributing to aging. All the more reason to use really natural inputs that you can eat and that the body can use within, not just to heal outside! Everything we use in our products, the body can metabolise easily so that it does the job needed and is then recycled, not stacked in your cells preventing circulation etc. In that respect cocoa butter is a standout, with its stearic acid, a base material for all manner of cellular renewal, including hormones, not just help for skin’.

This is not included in the price of the hamper but can be added as an extra.  1 x 60ml jar – $35


The Larder Stores

All of the produce included in these hampers is produced by family businesses and i have carefully selected those to be included. I am really excited to be bringing together this produce and putting the supply back in the hands of small businesses, while offering wholesome goods to you that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.  I know that you are conscious about your health – it’s why you come to us for our beef, so I’m sure you’ll love these products too.


How to Order?
There’s nothing searchable on our website about this currently, so to order please email me at [email protected] or simply reply to the MOOsings.  Please include your name (obviously!), delivery address and contact number. Please order by midday Wednesday. I will send through an invoice as we do for our beef.  20 hampers only available for this first round.

Larder Stores are currently available to those living in Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle and the Illawarra – delivery will be next Thursday 20th August.

Delivery also to Tamworth & Quirindi (where I will deliver to you myself). I will contact you to let you know the delivery date, but it will be next week some time.

Please call if you have any questions – 0417 894 474  🙂


All our best from the farm,

Kirrily  x