Bones and Offal

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If you are a really health conscious family, you may like to include grass fed beef bones or offal with your beef hamper order. You can add either of these to your hamper order.

Simply make a note in the COMMENT box when you order your grass fed beef hamper if you would like either bones or offal added.

Bones $6/kg (2kg minimum)

Offal $10/kg

Oxtail $10/kg 

Beef Cheeks $10/kg

Beef Suet $15/kg

See below for offal details

Order your Beef Hamper Now & add Bones or Offal


You can choose to have grass fed beef bones added to your hamper when available – something we know many conscious eaters look for to make bone broth, beef stock or to add to a slow cooked meal for extra goodness. The bones are all a collagen rich mixture of bones such as

  • joint bones
  • hip bones
  • rib bones  – all providing plenty of nourishment.

Marrow bones are pretty well all used up with the osso bucco. There may be the odd sneaky one in your pack, but please don’t request them especially.

Bones are cut and vacuum sealed, just like your cuts of grass fed beef. We recommend freezing your bones when you receive them… if you’re not using them straight away! Grass fed beef bones are $6.00/kg (2kg minimum, which is usually 6-8 bones)

Bones are not available without a beef hamper.


We do offer offal when available as an addition to your hampers.

The offal and other non-standard cuts we can provide include:

  • Oxtail (whole tail – jointed)
  • Beef Cheeks (whole – weight varies, as does availability!)
  • Liver (1kg+/- portions)
  • Heart (whole)
  • Kidney (whole)
  • Suet

It’s first in, best dressed for these – as we’re sure that you can understand that there’s only a certain quantity per animal – no two tailed cows around here!

Organ meats are $10/kg, tails are $10/kg and beef cheeks are $10/kg in addition to the value of your hamper. We will invoice you for offal after it has been packed due to limited availability.

When you place your hamper order, please make a note in the COMMENT box that you would like offal included, which type and quantity – or speak to Derek (0429 674 724). We’ll only know if it will be available when it is time to be packed just before delivery.

Offal will need to be stored in your freezer very soon after you receive your delivery.

Offal is not available without a beef hamper.

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    How is our grass fed beef and lamb packed?

    • You’ll receive your order portioned and vacuum sealed – no leaks, no mess, no fuss – ready to pop straight in the freezer!
    • Each pack is clearly labelled – with the cut, the weight and the fresh & frozen best before dates.
    • Your hamper is delivered to you refrigerated in a sealed recyclable box.
    • You also have the option to add grass fed beef bones and/or offal to your hamper order, when available! Bones are $6 per kilogram, 2kg minimum (6-8 bones).

    Delivery Details, Payments & other FAQ

    Placing an order is a commitment to purchase, so please be absolutely sure prior to ordering. We are a family owned farm (not a factory farm) and we have our artisan grass fed beef and lamb hampers processed and packed usually once a month, sometimes it is a while longer until the animals are finished to where we know you will love it. You can order at any time… it just may then be a few weeks or could be more of anticipation until your hamper arrives. When you order, we will let you know by email the likely delivery date or if it will be longer than usual. This will give you a bit of time to clean the freezer out. We don’t ask you to pay anything until we are close to delivery. Please check your spam folder for our correspondence, including your invoice.

    You can learn more about delivery areas & details, payments & other FAQ’s here.