Fresh Chimichurri with T-Bone Steaks

Fresh Chimichurri with T-Bone Steaks

Steaks grilled on the BBQ are part of the essence of summer, but top with some Chimichurri and it makes a juicy steak even more perfect for a hot summer’s day.  The freshness of the herbs just burst to make this a superb summer topper for a grilled steak.  Chimichurri has South American origins – Argentina specifically, so in South American style I served the steak and chimichurri with corn on the cob as well as a fresh salad.

Traditionally Chimichurri has an oregano and parsley base, but I currently have basil (and parsley) in abundance from the vege patch, so have tweaked the ingredients to reflect what I have on hand – and it is super tasty!  So, I would suggest using the herbs that you like and think will work.

Having a simple, yet smart topping like this for a steak, turns it into something special enough to serve dinner guests.  What I also love about it are the healthy ingredients – so many store bought sauces or toppings have additives that I don’t want to entertain consuming. These healthy ingredients teamed with our grass fed beef make it a nourishing and fresh summer meal.

If you have a stick blender (my favourite ever-useful kitchen appliance), this is a synch.  Here is my version!


Generous bunch basil

Generous bunch Italian parsley

¼ cup olive oil

1 tablespoon red wine vinegar

½ red chili

Sea salt and cracked black pepper

1 clove garlic (optional – we left this out)

Place all ingredients in the base container of a stick blender and blend until chopped finely.  Serve atop your steak of choice.

That’s it!

Kirrily x