Moree on a Plate – We’re Coming!

Moree on a Plate – We’re Coming!

Hey Moree – We’re coming to see you again this year!

Derek and I (we’re The Conscious Farmer!) are bringing our nourishing Grass Fed Beef to Moree on a Plate on Saturday May 12th 2018.

We love to talk about nourishing food and how we can best sustain our bodies with mindful food production and eating. Come and chat with us about our 100% grass fed and finished, chemical free beef at our stall at this year’s festival.

We will have our grass fed beef hampers with a wonderful array of cuts available for pick up on the day (for those that pre-order!). We will also have loose cuts available for purchase on the day. Think heart warming casseroles, wonderful family roasts, your favourite stir-fries, succulent steaks on the BBQ and of course, our gluten free and preservative free sausages.


We’ll also be bringing along some of our extra virgin olive oil in 500ml bottles and 1 litre tins available for purchase on the day – complimentary flavours, great for cooking grass fed beef with and lovely gift ideas!


We are coming up from our family farm west of Quirindi on the Liverpool Plains, a few hours south of Moree, where our production focus is the regeneration of the land and soil as we go. We are conscious about the way we care for the land, conscious about the way we care for our animals and conscious that we a producing the same nourishing food for people, that we choose to eat.

We are interested in human health and how the way food is produced can influence this. I believe that in order to have strong bodies with great immunity, fertility and all over wellness, we need a diet of whole foods containing a variety of natural compounds. In the case of beef, this comes from animals fed on diverse pastures. I think it is often underestimated, the influence of secondary plant compounds on the final beef product – the flavour, nutrient density, fat profile, ability to satisfy hunger and how it will nourish us. You can read more about that here.

When a customer purchases a Conscious Farmer grass fed beef mixed hamper, they are sharing their meals with up to 7 other families from the one animal. We believe that eating all the cuts is a sustainable choice and way to live.

Megan -The_Conscious_Farmer_Chuck_2_lowres

All of the cuts are great – it is just about knowing the appropriate way to cook them. I love to slow cook hearty casseroles and it’s actually the most nourishing way to enjoy beef – when we use the collagen rich cuts like chuck steak (above) and cuts with bones. The slow cooking melts the collagen, which becomes gelatin, with all of its wonderful health, flavour and anti-inflammatory properties. You can read more about that here.

We are looking forward to returning to support Moree on a Plate again this year and suggest that people either pre-order a hamper to secure their preferred cuts, or see us early, as past years we have either sold out or had very limited quantities left by the end of the day.

You can see our selection of hampers, and pre-order yours here. (Just make a comment with your order that it is for Moree on a Plate).

hamper on verandah

The cuts in our hampers are portioned and vacuum sealed – no leaks, no mess, no fuss.  Each pack is clearly labelled – with the cut type, the weight and the fresh & frozen best before dates. Our sausages (and all cuts) are preservative and gluten free and you can also add bones for your hamper (for stock or broth).

Please place your pre-orders by this coming Saturday 21st April.

We invite you to Love the Taste Difference!

Derek and I look forward to seeing you at Moree on a Plate,



Please call us if you have any questions – we’d love to chat!

Derek Blomfield 0429 674 747
Kirrily Blomfield 0417 894 474