The Lifeforce Energy of your Grass Fed Beef Meal

The Lifeforce Energy of your Grass Fed Beef Meal

I’m fascinated by the idea of the energy of food – not just our grass fed beef, but all foods. I’m not talking about kilojoules, but rather the life force energy of our food and meals.

I wonder about the influence of all the steps in the process of the food getting to our plate with relation to energy; the growing, the harvesting, the shopping for, the cooking, the serving, the savouring as we consume.

I can’t show you cold hard evidence of this, but the concept sits well with me.

Thoughts have energy; there are countless examples of the influence of this.  So when I hear comments by people I meet shopping who really ‘hate’ and ‘loathe’ to go food shopping, I wonder the impact of this – after all it’s the first step in the process of preparing a meal.

If we enjoy the process of cooking a meal, however simple the meal may be – is this meal different than one begrudgingly or stressfully prepared and placed on the table?  What is the intent invested in each? What of the home-made sauce, from home-grown vegetables with love invested, versus that made by machinery in a factory?

What about the meal eaten around the table, hearing about a loved one’s day, savouring the flavours as we eat, versus the meal hurried down while zoning out to whatever electrical device? Are flavours less experienced?

What is the life force of a hand-picked bean versus a machine picked bean?  What about how it’s grown? While we can know the science of pesticide use and high input fertiliser impacts on the nutrition of foods, what is the influence of the energy of the intention of farming where ‘killing’ weeds, pests etc is the focus, versus the intention of growing and nurturing life? The life of plants, of encouraging the life of spiders and lady beetles and other beneficial insects, the life of the soil and embracing ‘weeds’ for the job that they are doing with the soil.

The low stress stockhandling that we practice with our cows is a great example of seeing the influence of intention and the energy that we take to a task.  Moving cows with a calm, intentional approach can be a totally different experience to going in with an urgency to get the job done quickly.  The cows pick up on the energy and react accordingly. I can’t see that immediate feedback with a plant or pasture, but I believe it is there.

What does all this mean for the energising of our bodies when we eat this food?  I’ll leave that for you to think about…   And if the idea of the life force energy of food is a bit ‘out there’ for you, know that our beef is always 100% grass fed on diverse, chemical free pastures – and that alone is a good thing for your health!

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All the best and good vibes! Kirrily.