What’s in a Conscious Farmer Grassfed Beef Hamper?

What’s in a Conscious Farmer Grassfed Beef Hamper?

When Derek and I began The Conscious Farmer a few years back, we felt strongly about eating clean, nourishing food, produced GMO and chemical free and with no preservatives or additives. We wanted this for ourselves and for our children.  Some years earlier still, we had recognised this and thought that if this is the food we want to eat (and the chemical free farm we want to live on), then why would we produce anything else for others to eat? It simply twists with ones morals if the two are incongruent.

We concentrated more on the health of the land and removed the chemical use from our farm and animals.  It was then that we recognised that other people valued the same things about food and land health that we did and that we needed to be able to give people the option of choosing our grassfed beef for their families too.  So, we created our brand and all that comes with offering our product direct to you, including our hampers!

So whether it’s nourishment collagen rich cuts, the aromas of heart- warming casseroles, wonderful roasts to share with family and friends, succulent steaks to throw on the BBQ or ever handy sausages (gluten and preservative free) and mince that you want – our hampers contain a selection of cuts for you to enjoy an fabulous array of meals.  We have a selection of hampers, but what IS the same in every hamper is the beautiful grass fed beef that is free of chemicals and GMO’s, is 100% grassfed on diverse pastures and has all the health attributes that go with the animals being raised this way And you’ll love the taste difference of beef that comes from our animals grazing on diverse plants on our family farm on the beautiful Liverpool Plains of NSW.

So, What’s in a Hamper?

As well as the different combinations of grilling steaks, slow cooking cuts, mince and gluten free sausages (see hampers below), we have many health conscious customers who choose to add extras to their order – like bones for cooking broth, offal (liver, kidney, heart), oxtail and beef cheeks.  You can also opt for paleo sausages, which contain no flour at all!

For the Steak Lover

We suggest the Classic or Premium Steak Hamper, which has all the lovely grilling steaks – Sirloin, Scotch Fillet, T-Bone, Eye Fillet and Rump, as well as ever handy mince and sausages.  The Classic is a 10kg hamper, or double up the steaks and go for the Premium Steak Hamper, which is 12kg.

For the Slow Cooker

If you love to slow cook or want the best nourishment from the collagen rich cuts, we suggest the Nourish or Double Nourish Hampers.  These hamper have all the collagen rich cuts – diced chuck, osso bucco, short ribs, round steak, blade steak as well as ever useful mince and sausages and some topside, which is perfect when sliced into strips across the grain for stir fries.

For Those That Want It All! 

(and have freezer space)

If you love a variety of cooking, then you can share in the complete selection of cuts from the animal with a Wholesome or Family Hamper. You can grill steaks, slow cook, stir fry, roast and BBQ. The Wholesome Hamper is 20kg of beef and the Family Hamper is 40kg.

Of course if you like to order in larger quantities like half a beast or a whole beast for that matter, we can also accommodate this.

You might like to see our suggestions for cooking with all the cuts.

So if, like us, you’re conscious about preventative health, want chemical free food that is ethically produced and comes direct from the farmer  – all bundled up in a hamper that has the beef handily sealed, packaged, labelled with weights, fresh & frozen best before dates and cut types, then we reckon you’ll love one of our Conscious Farmer Grass Fed Beef Hampers! You can see the full detail of our hampers, along with pricing and how to order here.

Our deliveries occur monthly, so depending on when you order it may come quickly or you may have a few weeks to wait and plan what you’ll cook when it arrives!

Love the Taste Difference

Kirrily x